Archives for February, 2015


Re-Anger 028 – Valentine’s Nevermore

02-14-12 - Our gang gets hit by cupid’s arrow and devotes a whole episode to showing the love. Other topics include celebrity impressions, Edgar Allen Poe readings and da streetz, yo. We also take some time out for a little bit of good karma at the end.

Re-Anger 027 – Jock Itch

02-07-12 - Our gang is still coming down from the high of their first live show, and they choose to use that added adrenaline to take on every sports icon that comes across their path. That’s what she said. NOTE: We skipped Re-Anger 026.

Re-Anger 025 – Drawn and Quartered

01-24-12 - Our gang celebrates their first big milestone with a race war. Also, Jay eventually reaches puberty, Ari demands final satisfaction for Ziggy and Ron gets up Jay’s hopes, only to shatter his dreams.